Start-up programs slowing down Windows XP?

Many programs when being installed onto a Windows XP Operating System, install a start-up program that initializes whenever the user starts up the computer. These programs can ultimately slow down the starting of your computer because of the time it takes to load each program on start-up. There are a few ways to stop these programs in their tracks. The first is to open the MSCONFIG in the run command. Once the box opens, you can click the startup tab to manage which programs you want to have start when your computer first loads. You must use caution with this way as if you accidentally turn off an important start-up file, the computer may not load properly. I would recommend using software that completes the process without the fear of shutting off a wrong file. Save yourself 20% to try the 7-in-1 utility suite to speed up, maintain, and optimize your PC! Spotmau will ensure that your computer is optimized and running as efficiently as possible.

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